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Dear Members,

Before he died, my uncle (my father's brother) kept promising family
papers to me that he had stored away and forgotten. Today, his
daughter sent me photocopies of a portion of them--just in case I
could use them.
Oy. I'm plotzing--important to me she asked--treasures!

I found out my father Mendel KATZ's actual birthdate. I found out
my grandmother Ruchel KATZ's parents names Sari SCHWARCZ and
Berko Leib EISENBERG >from Zhukove/Zsuko Bereg megye Hungary/
Ukraine. There are also other finds but these are the most
important ones to me.

And today on my Zeda's yarzheit, I can acknowledge and
remember all of my great grandparents by name.

Best of luck to all in your research,
Linda Cohen

KATZ-WEISS >from Rosvegove & Mukachevo/Munkacs, Tyachevo/
Tecso Ukraine and Sapinta/Szaploncza Romania
EISENBERG-SCHWARCZ >from Zhukove/Zsuko (Bereg Megye) Ukraine
DRUCKER-BECKER >from Vladymir/Ludmir Volyhnia Ukraine
EPSTEIN-ROTHMAN >from Nevolozh Slutsk Belarus

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