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I am wondering if there traditionally were any
rules/traditions/superstitions regarding naming a child after a person who
committed suicide. In trying to piece together possible family trees, and
in comparing birth and death dates, I am trying to figure out if certain
people may have been named for one of their parents' siblings who
committed suicide, or whether it is more likely they may have been named
for an ancestor further back in time (and perhaps on another branch of the
family tree altogether). Time frame is 1915-20. I couldn't find
anything on this in the archives.
Thanks in advance.

Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

KOSSOI, PEVTSOV: Vetka, Chechersk, Belarus
SKOLNIKOF: Vetka, Belarus
KUNKIS, LEHMAN: Glubokoye, Belarus
SCHRIER, PACHTER: Yarmolinits, Kam-Podolsk, Ukraine

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