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I have a photocopy of the first page of a history of the Jews of Schwelm
by Kurt Wollmerstaedt. That page lists the five Jewish families (23
persons) among the city's 1,300 inhabitants in 1738.
Since this was before the adoption of family names, I list what I can:
--Anschel Hertz, butcher, son of the butcher Joas Hertz
--His mother Frommel, a widow, home maker
--Gottlieb Jude (literally Gottlieb the Jew) (also called Gottlieb
Hertz, butcher, brother of Anschel Hertz
--Meyer Simon, butcher, son of the butcher Simon Jakob
--Abraham Jude (literally Abraham the Jew) (also called Abraham Simon),
butcher, brother of Meyer Simon

There are people with the given name Anschel in my MELCHIOR family tree.

There are also people with the surname HERZ (no "t") in my MELCHIOR and
GOTTSCHALK family trees. Some of those HERZ folk changed their name to
HERZSOHN during the compulsory adoption of family names in the
Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic eras because "Herz" was regarded as a
given name and given names were not allowed as surnames.

Stephen G. Esrati
Shaker Heights, OH

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