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Dear Group Members:
The question of the real name of Sholom Aleichem's fictional Anatevka has
come up as a topic of another discussion group, with several different
replies; I am posting my reply as it is of interest to the Ukraine SIG.
While looking through one of the Shtetl Finder books, I came across the
notations that Sholom Aleichem referred to existing places in the Ukraine
with pseudonyms. The fictional name of Yehupets was his name for Kiev; the
town of Anatevka was his name for Boyarka.

I was intrigued, as my maternal ancestors come >from Boyarka, found on
contemporary maps, just southwest of Kiev, in the Kievskaya Oblast. If
anyone has any information on this place, I would be grateful to learn
of it. I am seeking vital records, which appear to have survived from
Boyarka. A Soviet emigre relative accessed his mother's birth certificate
of 1902 >from somewhere near there in 1978, but couldn't specify how or
where. Also, if anyone could advise how to contact the Boyerke
Landmanschaften listed in the cemeteries of Long Island, would be very
helpful in my research.
Shirley Pencer
now in Long Island, NY
Researching: Relative who emigrated in the early 1900's
MEDVEDOVSKY-Boyarka/Kiev--London, England--Montreal, Quebec,Canada
SACHNOVICH-Boyarka/Kiev--London, England--Montreal, Quebec, Canada
DALIS-Boyarka/Kiev--London, England--Montreal, Quebec, Canada
BLITZSTEIN-Boyarka/Kiev--London, England--Montreal, Quebec, Canada
PENCER/PANCER-PANTZER--Jelna,Rayshi District,Galicia-London Eng.-
Montreal ,Qc GREEN/variant--Posen, Prussia/Poznan,Poland-London,Eng-Wales
[surname list edited to allowable 6 lines.]

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