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Cindy Gallard <dg2286@...>

First of all I wish to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my
question. Taking the advice of one respondent, I found the birth record
for Aysyk. The original information I got was >from the father's death
record. Lo and behold on the birth certificate the name appears as
Cheyzyk. Further, the father's son by his first wife had a son the year
before the birth of Cheyzyk, whose name was registered as Heyzyk.
Possibly after the same person. The question is, do these two different
spelling shed any new light on the situation or is it as many of you
suggested that even though both names are derived for the Hebrew name
Yitzchak, they were pronounced differently and therefore considered
separate names.

I am also wondering if anyone can tell me why these Polish documents are
so inconsistent concerning ages. The year of birth, as calculated by the
ages recorded for the parents in each of their childrens' births records,
can vary greatly. Even when a new birth is recorded consistently every
year and half or so and recorded and witnessed by the same civil
servants. I am aware that there were deliberate deceptions in order to
avoid the army and that the Jews lived by the Hebrew calender, but would
not have the recording officials, who had access to the records, be aware
of the discrepancies?

Thank you again
Cindy Gallard
Denver, CO

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