JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Birth Certificate Change after adoption: #general

Al Wirtzbaum <nycityal@...>

As genealogists in a time when it is relatively easy to conduct research on
our ancestors and contemporaries, it is also easier to uncover the truth
about people who are adopted. Unfortunately, in earlier times this was not
so. In times of natural or political disasters, plagues and anything else
which may cause separation of families, children would probably be taken in
without having any documentation as to who they were. This, of course,
probably still happens today. Should a DNA test be required before two
people marry to prevent brother >from marrying sister?

Al Wirtzbaum

One ramification of this is the possibility, albeit very remote of someone
unknowingly marrying a natural sister. Such an act is not only forbidden
in Jewish law but I believe is considered immoral by most civilized
people. There has been at least one documented incident in Israel where
an adopted child actually got engaged to a woman who turned out to be his
natural sister.

Avrumy Heschel

Brooklyn NY


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