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According to the Declaration of Intent for my gr-uncle Joseph POLEY he was
residing at 98 Brighton St. Boston Mass on Feb,1917. He was inducted for
service for WWI on April 29th 1917. Are there any maps on-line showing the
districts at this time?

What ward/neighborhood would that refer to in order to get to the correct
film in search for his registration card? On the infofiles there is a long
list of neighborhoods with the corresponding film #.

What further information would I get with the full military records. Does
anyone know what special bonus's or pensions were given to veterans of

There is some conflict of story about his service >from family members and
what was recorded on his Naturalization forms, I am hoping the records will
clear matters up.

Would appreciate any help or pointers.

Carol Monosson Edan

PRICE/ARONSON- Kalvarija/Augustow
RABINOVITZ- Novogrodok

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