Eppelsheim name adoption list - Family names included - Correction #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Your red-faced Moderator regrets his failure to notice the error in
Dr. Fritzsche's message of February 13. I did check the URL to be sure
it connected to a working web page but I failed to notice that the
page was not the correct one for Eppelsheim name adoptions.

I compounded my error by painstakingly adding a list of the adopted
family names to Dr. Fritzsche's message to help with archive searches
for those names.

I have asked JewishGen to remove that message >from the archives and I
hope that they are able to do so.

For archive searchers looking for family names adopted in Eppelsheim the list
below is correct.

If the mistaken message can not be removed, archive searchers seeking
family names adopted in Lubeck-Moisling or Luebeck (Lubeck u umlaut)
or Moisling the list can be found with a search for " Moisling "

The following adopted family names are included in the list for
Eppelsheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) :


The list was transcribed and provided by GerSIG member Steve Hahn to
whom we owe thanks. It includes this data:
Name of Declarant; (adopted) Familyname; Old First Name; New First Name;
Relationship (to declarant); and for most entries, the date of birth.

John Paul Lowens, GerSIG Moderator

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