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Hello! I'm a little behind on e-mail reading, hence the late post...

Last week Avrumy Heschel wrote:
<< One ramification of this is the possibility, albeit very remote of
someone unknowingly marrying a natural sister. Such an act is not only
forbidden in Jewish law but I believe is considered immoral by most
civilized people. There has been at least one documented incident in
Israel where an adopted child actually got engaged to a woman who turned
out to be his natural sister.>>

This should be even more of a concern for people conceived through
anonymous donor gametes. One man can, in theory at least, sire a great
many children through such donations, and all would be half-siblings to
each other. The same is true -- to a much lesser degree -- for a woman
who donates eggs. Since the resulting children don't receive much
information about their DNA donors (assuming they are even told the truth
about their conceptions), this makes unwitting marriage to a sibling a
very real possibility, even if it's still rather unlikely.

Makes you young folks wonder just how much you know about your spouse,
doesn't it? <wink>

Barbara Niederhoff
Centennial CO

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