Wolferman of Hesse Kassel (and Cleveland OH,Missouri, and NY) #germany

Rob Lederer <ledererrob@...>


It's probably been since 2000 that I last was active on Gersig.

I have reached a dead end with US records of my ggg-grandfather, Louis
WOLFERMAN (b. 1836). He came >from Hesse Kassel (or "Kassel"
according to his grand-daughter's memoir in the 1940s). I have not
found the ship manifest or been able to track him back to a specific
town in Hesse Kassel. I do not know if I should be looking at Kassel
itself or cast a wider net.

Louis arrived in New York on 10 Aug 1854 (supposedly; per petition for
naturalization), and on to Cleveland.before 1860, and then Missouri
before 1870. He was in New York by 1900 or 1910.

I am going to Hesse to visit a different town on March 8. I would
love to crack this mystery and add Louis's home town to my itinerary. Any help?

Thank you, Rob Lederer NY NY researcher 18689 <ledererrob@gmail.com>

Germany and US:
GANS and GREIF in or around Langenschwarz or Burghaun in Upper
Franconia, and New York
BRILL/ BRUILL around Burgkunstadt, Reuth, Kunreuth, Lichtenfels, and PA and NY
ROTHSCHILD, WEIL, FRANK, AUERBACH(ER) in or around Nordstetten or
Muehringen (near Horb) and Mississippi
HOFHEIMER, SCHIELE, LEVY OR LEVI in or around Fellheim (or Memmingen?)
or Marmoutier (Maursmunster),Alsace (SCHIELE), and Missouri and Cincinnatti
STRASSBURGER and NEY in Wuerttemberg and NY
HYMAN in "Weilga" (Vel'gia?), Russia? and Mississippi and New Orleans
LICHTENSTEIN in Poland? and Mississippi and New Orleans
JOSEPH in Bromberg and Bordun, Posen (now Bygdowicz, Poland) and
Mississippi and New Orleans
PFEIFER in Niederhochstadt (Bavaria) and Mississippi
WOLFERMAN >from Kassel or Cassel (specifically the town? The region?)
and Cleveland, New York, and Missouri (St. Louis and Jefferson City)
VEIT >from Baden and New York
(SURNAME UNKNOWN) Ingenheim (Bavaria)

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