Burhgaun / Langenschwarz, state of Hesse (Gans & Greif families) #germany

Rob Lederer <ledererrob@...>


It's probably been since 2000 that I last was active on Gersig.

I am going on March 8 to Burghaun for the ceremonies around the
publication of the book on the Langenschwarz Jewish cemetery. My
ancestors Greif and Gans came >from there. I am interested in the
Greifs and Ganses of the area. It may give a clue to whether mine came
from elsewhere before Langenschwarz, particularly the Gans family,
which seems not to have had many members in Langenschwarz.

Any info on those two families? Is anyone "mapping" the Jewish clans
of the region?

Thank you, Rob Lederer NY NY Researcher # 18689

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