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Josef A. Herz <josef@...>

Thank you for your feedback on Viewmate.

A correction - there is no team - it is just lonely old me.

And yes - ViewMate is currently closed for new posting till April 16th.

Here is why -

->ViewMate is a high maintenance site. I have posted 500+ files in the
past 5 months.

-> The new re-design is an effort to reduce the maintenance load without
sacrificing useability

-> I am awaiting feedback on the re-design.

Josef Herz
ViewMate Admin

In article <00b201c0bb09$00ce6540$372b8ec6@default>, (Danny Fantl) wrote:

I must say that the new format for ViewMate is excellent, with the initial
overview of many photos/documents at once.

Congratulations to ViewMate Webmaster Josef Herz and his team!

Does anyone know if it is totally correct that I cannot post a photo until
16th April, as when I go to "Upload", it says "ViewMate Uploading and
Posting is Closed! Working on other Projects! Be back April 16th 2001.

Danny Fantl
Melbourne, Australia

MODERATOR NOTE: ViewMate is undergoing a redesign and the upload
feature has been temporarily closed. It will reopen when testing
has been completed.

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