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Stewart Levy <srlevy@...>

I am doing research on my RICH/REICH Family. They all came >from the Kovel,
Ukraine area. Specifically, they came >from Maceijow/Macheyev, Klichkovichi,
and possibly Turisk. I have not found any other relatives other than the
ones we knew of but lost contact with through the years. I have found only
one other Rich family >from the area but we have not been able to find a

If anyone has any information about this family or may possibly have
connections to this family or these towns, please contact me. I would also
like to know if anyone is familiar with the shtetl of Klichkovichi. When I
searched for it on Shtetl Seekers, it was very close to Turisk. However, I
have not found anyone >from this village on the Jewish Gen sites. Are there
any others who have this village in their background?

Stewart Rich Levy
Marietta, Georgia, USA

RICH/REICH/RAYCH, WINOKUR ( through marriage), PLUSS ( through marriage),
LIEBERMAN ( through marriage, Siegel ( through marriage).- VOLYHNIA,

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