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Hi: I just received my gfathers death certificate. I sent for it
because I wanted to get the last address where I had visited him and go
back and see the bldg. Well!!!!!! My uncle who signed for it, listed
the wrong address as his residence. He listed the address where I was
living with my family. My gfather did not live with us or in the bldg.

I wonder what address was listed as he entered the hospital, but I don't
think I can get those records.

I called Maimondes Hosp. and they said they only keep records for 7
years. Does anyone have any suggestions where I could find his last

He did not have a Social Security number,he was born in Russsia. He is
listed as retired. I have no idea where he last worked.
He was a citizen.

It took 19 days to get the certificate. But I went in person and paid
in cash.

The funeral parlour is listed as Zion Memorial Chapel on 41 Canal
Street. There is no directors name listed. It is no longer there.

Thank you.

Sue Smithe
Queens, NY
Email: Suee20@...

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