JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen A Kosher and "Freilech" (Happy) Passover #general

Simon Barak

Avrumy Heschel wrote:
"Wishing All A Kosher and "Freilech" (Happy) Passover,(This has been for
many years the traditional Passover salutation - and undoubtly was used by
many of our ancestors).

At least among the Habbadnicks, starting in the month of Adar (i.e. before
Purim) the traditional salutation was: A Koshern Purim un a Freileichn
Peisach. The reason for this mishmash was that the Rebbe explained once
that every Jew makes ultimate efforts to have an happy Purim and a Kosher
Peisach, thus our wishes should be that Purim shall be not only Merry but
also Kosher and Peisach not only Kosher but also Happy.

Moadim Lesimha - Zmanim Lesason

Dr Shimon Barak
Tel Aviv, Israel
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