JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Location help: Dniepropov, Bessarabia #general

Michele Krakowski <michele.krakowski@...>

1- There is a big town called Dniepropetrovsk, on the Dniepr river, but
about 200 miles >from the Black Sea. By its size, it never could have been
a shtetl.
2- Yes, Bessarabia is now Moldova, but it's not in vicinity of the Dniepr
3- Dnieprovka is a small town 70 miles S-W >from Zaporozhie or 60 miles NW
from Melitopol, and is located very near to the Dniepr.
Hoping that will help,
Michele Krakowski (Normandy-France)

le 11/04/01 23:03, Bruce Reisch bir1@...
A friend of mine is trying to locate his grandfather's shtetl, known
to him as Dniepropov, Bessarabia. I believe this area is now known
as Moldova. Other clues - it was a very small town, near the Black
Sea, and likely on or near the Dniepr River.

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