JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seeking kin of Irving and Ceil RABINOWITZ #general

Mike Fischer <miketran@...>

Irving Rabinowitz was my father's first cousin. He had 2 sisters, Helen
Ruth and Sylvia Zipes. >from what I was told, Irving had a heart attack
while walking on the streets of New York and died. I remember that he and
Ceil married when I was a little girl and I was enchanted with Ceil. That
would be in the 1940s. When I started my family search, 2 years ago, I
contacted his sister, Helen. She didn't want to discuss anything with me.
I also called his sister Sylvia who I had been in random contact with in
the early years. She also declined to tell me anything. Ceil and Irving
had 2 children, Arthur and Stephanie. I would like very much to be able
to add Irving's family to my family tree.

Wilma Fischer
Passaic N.J.

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