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Paula Shaiman <pshaiman@...>

Dear Everyone,

I am trying to locate my Grandfather Isador (Wilamowski) Williams' nephew
Munyel Rubinstein any spelling. The last we knew of him he was in Mexico
City in the early 1950s. He came >from Zambrow, Lomza, Poland. His parents
were Morris & Miriam (nee Wilamowski), he would be in his mid 80s now. his
grandparents also >from Zambrow were Abram Wilamowski and Perla (nee
Goldberg). Most of the family perished in the Holocaust, but he was
smuggled out of Poland and survived.

If anyone has knowledge of him or any descendant please contact me privately
pshaiman"nospam" remove "nospam" before sending

Thank you all for your help. >from Jewishgenners like yourselves, I have
found family. We have been having a great time being together, learning
about each other and the similarities that exist in the family.

Kindest regards,

Paula Shaiman
Little River, SC

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