BAR - BAER #germany

Hansmartin Unger <hansmartin.unger@...>

I'm searching for BAR or later BAER of Billigheim, Mosbach- Badenia in Germany.
I search for the living places and the profession of

Samuel BAER born January 16th, 1856 and died Januaray 1st, 1909. He is
buried in Mosbach

Married to Fanny HEUMANN of Laupheim born July 13th, 1864 and died
November 12th, 1935

I search for the cildren of the couple. I found only:
Thekla Baer born 23.1.1891, Mosbach - died 3.5.1975, and her sister
Paula Baer no dates

Paula Baer went befor WW2 to Chicago

Very best Hansmartin Unger, St. Gallen Switzerland

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