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Batschkurinsky (Basia's maiden name) has probably an Ukrainian or Polish
origin. Probably in an original Polish it was written as: Baczkurinski
(Bachkurinsky) or Baszkurinski [Bashkurinsky] (>from Baszkir, surname appears
frequently in the JRI-P database).

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta


I need some of your very good ideas and suggestions.
Our original family surname is unknown.
The original parents of our family were Nachum and Basya. (Ukraine)
The Americanized surname of Greenberg was attached to them.
Basya's maiden name has been handed down as "Batshkurinsky" or some other
spelling or pronunciation.
There is a prevalent thought in the family that this might be a version of
the original surname.
This is not a commonplace name.
Can anyone offer a more known name >from this arrangement of sounds.
San Diego, CA

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