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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

Yesterday I discovered a bad Trojan horse virus in my computer, identified
as W32. It is now eradicated, but I am affraid every message I received
returned back automatically to the sender with the virus in an attached
file (even the ones sent by Jewishgen: I receive it as separate mails and
not as digest). Hope I did not infect too much people.
My fault was that I did not update my antivirus. Everyday I thought: "will
do it tomorrow... it cannot happen to me because I never open the files
when I don't know who is the sender..." This time the Virus appeared as
some one who answered my last mail to Jewishgen concerning the Revue du
Cercle de Genealogie Juive. How would I be suspicious ? It was written :
open the attached file, and I tried to open it.

One of the consequence is that I deleted every message I received on sunday
evening and monday morning without reading them. So if you sent a message
to me could you please send it again.

Hope you will all excuse me for my negligence.
Anne Lifshitz-Krams
Paris (France)

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