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Here is the latest information I have on the availability date
and Internet access method and costs for the 1901 Census for
England and Wales. (All information is provisional and subject
to change).

1901 Census for England and Wales (taken on 31 March 1901) is
being digitized and indexed, and will be available (via the
Internet) >from 1 January 2002.

The site address will be
This site is currently on-line and illustrates how the site will
probably work for the 1901 census by running a pilot of the 1891
census information and page images for Norfolk County only (one
of the English counties).

The index can be searched by name, place, address, institution or
vessel. Search facilities include wildcards (eg * for missing
character(s)), soundex, and synonyms (John = Jon, Jack, etc).
Also search refinement possible by age range, occupation and
where born.
There will be facilities to view census page images and to zoom
in. The returns will appear on screen as black and white images.
The quality of printed image will depend on your local equipment.
Centrally laser printed images will be available at extra cost.

Here is a summary of the charges (in UK Pounds Sterling) for the
1891 “pilot” census information for the most usual types of
searches/facilities. It is likely the structure of the charges
for Internet access to 1901 census data will be similar but the
prices may be updated before next year. These charges apply to
“sessions” prepaid with a credit card (special arrangements will
be made for institutions/heavy users).

Index Searches –simple and advanced – Free.

For full transcript details and to view census pages you need to
be in a chargeable session. A session lasts for a 24-hour
period. The session can be suspended and re-activated several
times, if required, within the 24-hour period.
There is a **Minimum** charge of £5.00 per session.

Full transcription details for a Person in Household – £0.40
View all details for the rest of the people in the Household -
£0.50 Census page image to view on your PC - £0.80 per page
(Note - Once you have bought the image you can save it to your
own computer and/or print out a copy)

As far as I am aware there are no plans to make the 1901 census
available on microfilm or microfiche.

The link below takes you direct to the 1891 Pilot. You can do
free searches now (but only for Norfolk)

The latest 1901 Census update newsletter is available on
Previous newsletters are linked >from this page.

I hope this advance information helps. The site is not currently
as busy as the Ellis Island database, but it will be in January

Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, England.

Researching: LEVY (Matzoh Bakers, London 1710-1939), COHEN
(Whitechapel and Dock Street, London 1840-1920), SOLOMONS
(London), GROSSMITH (London), PHILLIPS (Liverpool & London
1784-1900). Also researching Jewish Bakers and Passover Cake
Bakers of England (1660–1945).

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