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Dear Genners:

First, I would like to say that I think the EIDB is a very valuable
tool, but like a lot of you see some of the problems it has. I had
excellent success with my paternal grandmothers family and no success with
my paternal grandfather's side. I found all four
SZEWACH/SCHEWACH/SHEVACK/SHIVAK family member who came over >from Bialystok.
There were some surprises as we did not know that there had been some name
changes. I happened upon these ancestors out of shear stubborness and
incorrectly spelling (so I thought) the last name.

I want to point out that there was some very invaluable information on
the original manifests, of course that is after you are finally able to
decipher the handwriting. I believe we might have a whole other branch to
our family in the US that we originally did not know about based on this
information. We also discovered that there were family that remained in
Poland that we did not know about. Invaluable!

Now for my question. My great grandmother's name was Anna, however, on
the original manifest (by the way she never travelled to this country, she
died before that could happen) where it lists my great grandfather's
closest relative still living in Bialystok, Grodno, Russia (Poland) as Heni
SCHEWACH, his wife. Has anyone heard of the name of Heni, and how does
this relate to Anna? Also on this manifest it lists my great grandmother's
brother, Banet GOLDSTEIN, as the person my great grandfather will stay
with. Because of the handwriting, Banet is what it looks like. Has anyone
heard of this name before?

Any comments would be welcome.


Art Schwartz, Jr.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

SCHWARTZ (New York - England - ? Poland/Russia)
ROSENFELD (England - ? Poland/Russia)
GOLDSTEIN (Bialystok, Poland - New York)
BACHNER (Los Angeles - New York - ?)

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