JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen It's nearly Mother's Day #general

Carol <cskydell@...>

Take note folks of the new reminders on your messages....
whether individual mail or the digest/or index versions....

Here's a way of honoring your maternal ancestry, and helping
JewishGen at the same time. Whether it's your own Mom,
grandmother, great grandmother...(hats off to those who can go
further back!) Get your messages in early so our loyal volunteer
Sam Eneman can get them online in time for Mother's Day....or is
it Mothers Day? <g> You're all invited to come and take a look
at the Wall of honor for May, 2001 at and

should you be inclined to add a note of your own, go right to

It's great fun to see who's honoring take a look...

Carol bat Ettl, bat Frima, bat Chaia Gitel(and still searching)

Carol Skydell
Vice President, JewishGen Operations

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