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Carole Feinberg <feincgs@...>

Dear Fellow Genners,

from the Ellis Island Data Base I learned a probable relative, Hule
KATZ*, arrived 23 Mar 1905, to her sister, Ester HAAS, living on Grand
Street. The confusion is due to both "New York" and "Jersi City"
appearing in the address column next to Grand St.

Does any Genner know if there was a Grand St. in Jersey City, NJ in the
early 1900s? I realize that New York's Grand Street was located on the
Lower East Side and may still exist, today.

* I will post another message regarding my experiences with KATZ in the
EIDB. Only 10,281 KATZes have been recorded, so far, in the EIDB!

Many thanks in anticipation of some responses. Please reply privately.

Carole Glick Feinberg
Atlanta, GA, USA

Seeking KATZ from: Tarnopol, Zbaraz, Kujdance, Romanowe Siolo

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