JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE:Print ship info screen #general

Olga G. Parker <OGParker@...>

I just hit my left mouse key, and then click on print.
Olga Parker/SD<
A senior moment--it's the right mouse button, which brings up the print
command. This will work with the typed transcript of the manifest page
(but not the manifest page itself--that I save to my hard drive). I can
also print the passenger information--that short little page that tells
about the passenger, ship, arrival date, and has a button to send you to
the typed manifest page--and if you are lucky you can then get the original
manifest. I usually print out these preliminary pages, in case I can't get
futher--I then know how the name was spelled in their records and don't
have to trust my memory, especially if it's a convoluted spelling.

Good luck--Olga Parker/SD

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