JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Serching for my shtetl and my "real" name #general


A gen member, Marvin Miller wrote me an interesting message susggesting I
search the surname Kunigis >from Vilkomer and my findings are interesting.
My ggf was called Abba Yitzchak and I find a Abel Yankel. I know he had
a brother called Louis in US and a sister called Rose, but I do not know
how the names on the Kunigis list would translate. What is a name for
Tsodyk for a male or the females: Lifsa or Gena or Brokha? the father's
name wa Hlavno. What would Gitla be translated? I do not want to force
anything, just continue my research. I need to check dates too. But I
am wondering about the names.
thanks for any hints
Marcia Cohan Silberfarb
searching COHEN and KAPLAN >from Vilkomer Lithuania and Glens Falls, NY

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