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Stanley Diamond

"Linda Altman" <southernexotics@...> writes:
Does anyone have any ideas as to where the town of Shadlitz might be?
I believe it is somewhere in Poland but not sure. Thanks in advance.
This would be Siedlce, 101 km east of Warsaw.

The Jewish vital records of Siedlce are being indexed by Jewish
Records Indexing - Poland.

The earlier records >from 1828 to 1857 were microfilmed by the
LDS (Mormons). These are being indexed by JRI-Poland's
Siedlce Shtetl CO-OP. For more information, contact Siedlce
Shtetl CO-OP leader Brian Braun.

The registers with the surviving Siedlce (town) records >from
1858 to 1900 are stored in the Siedlce branch of the Polish
State Archives. JRI-Poland is indexing all the Jewish records
(for all the towns) in this branch that have not been filmed by
the LDS.

The Siedlce Archives holdings include the records for:

Ceglow, Kaluszyn, Kolbiel, Kosow Lacki, Latowicz, Losice, Lukow,
Minsk Maz., Mokobody, Mordy, Sarnaki, Seroczyn, Siedlce,
Siennica, Sokolow Podlaski Stanislawow, Wegrow, Wodynie

Town Leader for the Siedlce town project at the Siedlce Archives
is Ralph Tannenbaum.

Archive Coordinator fo the Siedlce Archive Project is
Susan Stone.

For more information on the JRI-Poland project to index the
Jewish records of Poland, go to

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc. is an independent
non-profit 501(c)3 U.S. tax-exempt organization and is
hosted by JewishGen.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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