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Can anyone lead me to information on ships, schedules, etc? I found ship's
manifest showing wife and kids came over >from Bremen in 1913. Husband came
over in 1910 according to the 1920 census, but I cannot find him on the Ellis
Island search, even accounting for spelling errors. Trying to find random
people who came >from Bremen in 1910 and going thru manifests line by line, no
luck so far. My questions are:
- Was it standard for people >from Osiek Galicia to come to the US via Bremen,
or what other ports were common?
- How often did the ships depart? So far, I have come across 6 different
Bremen departures, and they were all different months. Is this just by chance,
or do I have only 6 more to go?!

Thank you.
R. Statfeld

Searching STATFELD, STADFELD, >from Galicia; RASHOTSKY >from Russia

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