JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Do you recognize this Chicago Funeral Home? #general

Carole/Phil Silverman

Hi Roy,

My ggm used the Gratch Undertaking Co. at 2235 Division St, Chicago, IL
and the undertaker's name at the time (1935) was Arthur Mandel.

Phillip Silverman
Culver City, CA

Roy Ogus < > wrote:

<< I've just received a death certificate for a family member who died in
Chicago in May 1926. I am having great difficulty deciphering the name
of the Undertaker on the certificate, and wondered if anyone might
recognize the name.

The name of the Undertaker firm on the certificate appears to be
something like "Natch Mid Co" or perhaps "Watch Nud Co". The part of
the name that is shown clearly is that the first word ends with
"atch". The address is also shown clearly as "2235 West Division

The individual who signed the certificate >from the Undertaker's firm
also had a name that ended in "atch", but the beginning of his name is
also hard to decipher.

Does anyone recognize the name of the Funeral Home or Undertaker from
this information? It doesn't look like any of the Chicago Funeral
Homes with which I am familiar. >>

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