Finding prussian birth, death and marriage certificates #germany

Alison Cronson <acronson@...>

I have a specific question about where to write to obtain birth, death and or
marriage certificates in Germany. I have looked in the JewishGen FAQ
and the info files and it's not clear to me how to start.

My great-grandmother, Martha FRIEDMANN, was born in Cosel Germany (now Kozle,
Poland ) in 1868. I assume that the records would be in Poland or would they
actually be still in Germany ?

I have looked at the Prussian records that are available online at JewishGen
and they are for mostly later dates than I am looking for. I also do not
understand where to write for the records and if the letter can be in English.

Are there other resources besides JewishGen which would give the information?

If you have any information to share that is Prussian locality specific, that
would be very appreciated. thanks,

Alison Cronson Framingham, MASS. USA

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