Personal name Henoch, Hanoch, Enoch and Heinrich in Bavaria #germany

James Bennett <Bennett@...>

Were any of your ancestors in the Schwaben region of Bavaria named Henoch or
Hanoch or Enoch--or even Heinrich?

This a call to locate all Schwaben/Bavaria Jewish families in which these
personal names repeated down through the generations.

In the 17th - 19th centuries there lived in the Pfersee, Ulm, Guenzburg,
Gunzenhausen, Ichenhausen area of Schwaben, Bayern several Jewish families
in which the personal name Hanoch/Henoch/Enoch repeated down through the
generations. By mid-19th century boys whose Hebrew name was Hanoch/Henoch
were also given the "modern" German civil name Heinrich. By the end of the
century almost no one used the name Hanoch/Henoch in civil
registrations--but "Heinrich" often concealed the true name.

Most of these boys were named in memory of family members, who, going back
many generations, were descendants of Rabbi Hanoch-Henoch Zundel ben Rabbi
Yehuda Loeb.
Rabbi Hanoch lived about 1670-1740 and was Rabbi of Schwaben, living in
Oettingen and then in Pfersee [now part of Augsburg].

As an example, in my Bissinger family of Ichenhausen the names Henoch and
Heinrich were found in every branch and every generation.

I look forward to hearing >from all you Hanoch-Henoch descendants. There's a
fair probability that we share common ancestors.

Jim Bennett Haifa <Bennett@...>

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