INTRO - Researching OPPENHEIM (Weisenau) and DEWALD (Dolgesheim) #germany

Adam Oppenheim

I have been lurking in the group for about a year. I have been doing
genealogy research for about 2 years. I live in Maryland, just
outside of Washington, DC in the United States. My native and only
language is English. I consider myself an advanced computer user with
advanced Internet skills.

My intro/request here focuses on my OPPENHEIM GG grandparents from
Weisenau, Hessen, Germany. I have reached a dead end as far as US
records are concerned.

On or about 1878, my GG Grandmother, Lina DEWALD (b. 17 Jul 1851,
Dolgesheim, Hesse-Darmstadt) married Louis OPPENHEIM (dob unknown,
Weisenau). They had the following children:

- Helene "Lenchen" Oppenheim (b. Jun 1881, Weisenau)
- Ferdinand "Fred" Oppenheim (b. 17 Dec 1883, Weisenau)
- Heinrich "Henry" Oppenheim (b. 3 Feb 1886, Weisenau)
- 3 other children who were stillborn or deceased at very young ages.

Louis OPPENHEIM, died sometime between 1886 and 1899, as can be best
determined >from a shipping manifest in December, 1899, which was when
his widow arrived at Ellis Island with surviving children Helene,
Ferdinand and Heinrich.

Helene married Frederick MACK on 11 May 1900 (children Ludwig and Henry).
Fred married Blanche ROSNER in 1914 (children Louis and Benjamin).
Henry married Selma DAUB on 31 Mar 1912 (children Morton, William,
Edmund, and Julius).

Lina Dewald OPPENHEIM died in NYC on 13 Dec 1929. According to her
death certificate, her parents were Heinrich DEWALD and Helene HERZ of
Dolgesheim. Lina's siblings were as follows:

- Sara DEWALD (b. 9 Oct 1852, Dolgesheim - d. 24 Mar 1941, NYC). m 9
Feb 1873 to Aleck CURIEL.
- Rosa DEWALD (b. abt 1870, Dolgesheim)
- Daniel DEWALD (b. 1854, Dolgesheim - d. 1927, Woerstadt). m to Caroline WOLF

We have no record of OPPENHEIM family left behind in Weisenau or
elsewhere. Indeed, even though my G Grandfather Henry lived until
1966, nobody remembers him or anybody else in the family speaking
about his father or even telling anyone that his name was Louis. By
contrast, at least in early years there was some contact with DEWALD

Since both Fred and Henry became butchers, I have presumed that their
father, Louis, was also a meat-cutter in Weisenau, but I am not
certain. This branch of the family was very secular, German in their
style, tastes and culture, and they always had many non-jewish
friends. Any help and/or info would be appreciated.

Adam H. Oppenheim Bethesda, Md <>

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