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Back on April 25, I posted a message saying that my grandmother Eva
BOYARSKY FREEDMAN came to the U.S. in 1898 with a relative named Taube
I now know that the INS was in error when certifying that my grandmother
arrived on the same ship as Taube. Both the ship Taube arrived on, and my
grandmother's ship, had passengers named Benjamin BOYARSKY. One Benjamin
was Taube's son, the other was my grandmother's brother. Although my
grandmother gave the correct name of her ship and the correct date in 1900
on her 'statement of facts for preparaton of petition' in 1955, the INS saw
fit to 'correct' this information. Her actual petition for citizenship
has the incorrect information on it.
My grandmother's brother's naturalization, and the Ellis Is. Database,
confirms the correct information.
I received my grandmother's 'statement of facts for preparation of
petition' with her 1940 alien file that I requested >from the INS. If
anyone knows if there are any other ways to get this statement of facts, I
would appreciate hearing about it. It contains more information than the
petition for citizenship and declaration of intention.
Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching: BOYARSKY/Mosty, Grodno FREEDMAN/Siluva,Lithuania
ROSENTHAL/Wegrow,Poland BLUESTEIN/Zareby Koscielne,Poland

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