JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re Converting US $'s to English #'s Thank you & consensus #general


Dear Genners:

A great big thank you to the many, many of you who took your personal time
to respond to me. I believe I have responded to each of you personally, but
if I inadvertently missed anyone, please accept my apology. Your responses
have been wonderful and very heartwarming. Here is a consensus of the
suggestions I received.

1. Use a credit card as much as possible. You get the bank conversion rate
and no or a very low fee and in addition you generally have free use of the
bank's money for 1-2 billing cycles, provided you use a card that is free
of any previous balance.

2. ATM's were suggestion of many and they are called cash stations in the UK.

3. Buy travelers checks in English #'s in the US and cash them in at the
issuer's office in the UK. American Express in the US offers cash in #'s
for a single $5.00 regardless of the amount and travelers checks in #'s
with a fee of 1% of the purchase. They have an office in Trafalgar Square.
You get the best rate and no exchange fees. They will cash in any unused
checks free of charge upon your return at the going rate.

4. Chase Manhattan has a "currency to go" service, You can get travelers
checks in #s and cash in #'s. There is no delivery fee for purchases over
$500.00, and you can charge to your credit card. They deliver overnight.
Their at, and their rates are excellent. (I
have not personally checked this information yet.)

Warm regards,

Bobbi Cohen
San Diego

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