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There's been a fair amount of mail regarding legal marriages in the
countries ruke by Russia. I've been reading them and feel now it is time
to tell the store of my grandparents. Under the Russians rule Jews with
religious marriages were not recognized as being legally married. Most
when coming to this country remarried. But many did not. My Grandfather
and grandmother never remarried in this county. Even though their
marriage was not legally recognized, in their minds it was a religious
bond. He were married around 1885 in Poland and came here in the early
1890s. To those they came in contact with, they all respected their
religious ceremony as binding. He died in 1932 and she died in 1960.
They were very religious, Orthodox Jews. They had six children. Where they
bastards? We don't think so. A legal ceremony would not have done
anything ti increase their love of family. And anyone was always welcome
in the house of my grandmother. The love they had for each other and
their children is still paying dividends in the four generations thaaat
have followed. Never a day went by that my grandmother did not say a
prayer for her husband.

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