History of Jews in Ostrow Wielkopolski - translators? #germany

Victoria Barkoff

I have a copy of a 26-page German monograph on the history of the
Jewish Community of Ostrowo (present-day Ostrow Wielkopolski),
obtained >from the Leo Baeck Institute. The work, entitled "Geschichte
der israelitischen Gemeinde Ostrowo", was written in 1896 by Aron Friemann.

If anyone is interested in doing a preliminary translation of the
entire text, or a portion of it, I would be happy to polish, assemble
and share the results. (I am a translator and editor, but my German is
limited as is my ability to read Gothic text.)

If you wold like to translate all or part of this text, please contact
me at: vbar@sympatico.ca. Regards,

Victoria Barkoff Montreal, Canada

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