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I'm looking for the profession of Moritz, Isaak, Rudolf and Heinrich HIRSCH
from Wankheim. Anna MOOS and Marie MOOS have been sisters.
If anybody could help me with exact dates of birth-marriage and death of the
4 persons and their wifes and children ?
Very best

Hansmartin Unger, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Samuel Hirsch born abt. 1740 died 24.12.1843
He went >from Haigerloch to Wankheim
Married to Chaja Moses >from Hechingen birth date unknown, date of death
Chaja was the second wife. The first wife was Tirza Hilb.
They have 7 children as follows:
LEOPOLD HIRSCH born 14.12.1807 death 28.9.1875
Married to Therese Wormser born 24.5.1813 - 3.4.1895 ( 14 boys )
Sidonie Hirsch born 2.4.1810 - died 1.4.1899 living in Aldingen with husband
Löb Rosenberger
Samuel Hirsch born 17.12.1812 - died 1.8.1815
Fanny Hirsch born 29.1.1815 - died 22.1.189 married to Veit Leibmann
(24.7.1810-31.3.1899 )
Friederike Hirsch born 10.7.1817 died ? married Emanuel Dreifuss
aus Ettenheim/Baden
Babette Hirsch born 18.8.1819- died ? married to Elias Degginger horse dealer
Heinrich Hirsch born 15.1.182 died 1854 steam ship Arctic
Children of Leopold Hirsch and Therese Wormser ( 14 boys )
3. Moritz Hirsch born 30.4.1840 - 1897 married to Anna Moos in Ulm
4. Isaak Hirsch born 6.8.1842 - 28.2.1920 ULM
married to Mathilde Degginger born 1.1.1849
5. Rudolf Hirsch born 18.1.1844 in Ulm
6. Heinrich Hirsch born 27.10.1848 - 1903 married to Marie Moos Ulm

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