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I recently received (via interlibrary loan) a book that was
discussed on this list a week or so ago. The book is:

Title: British Jewry book of honour /
Author(s): Adler, Michael,; 1868-1944. ; Freeman, Max R. G.
Publication: London : Caxton Pub. Co.,
Year: 1922

More details on this book are available here on WorldCat, the
online listing of 41,000,000 books.

"British Jewry Book of Honour" is available at several libraries
in the USA.

This book includes 636 pages of names--Jews who were in military
service >from 1914 to 1918. There is no master index to these names.
Instead, they are listed by regiment and by rank. It took me only
a little over an hour to search for my name:


Unfortunately, I did not see his name listed. (I am interested
to learn about any Jews who live/lived in the U.K. named BRODA or

In addition, there are 363 pages of photographs, along with a master
index to these photographs.

This huge book should be of value to many of us!

Daniel Kazez

Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>
Springfield, Ohio USA
ENGLANDER in Toronto or New York. LEBOY in Florida.
BRODA-BRODER and FRESKO in France and the U.K.
ALHADEFF in Istanbul and in Constantine, Algeria.
DEVIDAS and KAZEZ in Argentina and Leipzig.

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