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Paul Silverstone

I do not think there is any responsibility to delete this name if the
information was obtained >from public sources. This is no more than a reporter
for a news organization using public data.
Paul Silverstone wrote:

I do not know how these things are resolved in England but I can envision
the next step in the United States. These requests for privacy will end up
in the law courts where they do not belong. I would suggest that in a
litigious society such as ours people will take to court to solve the
problems of privacy. Is it so very important to include in a public place
the names of people who do not wish to be exhibited there?

As an aside to our UK writer we know very little about William Shakespeare
except for the legal reports of his suing and his being sued. Did I say
that the United States was a litigious country? It might be in your best
interest to eliminate that reluctant person >from your internet family
Jerome Seligsohn
Paul Silverstone
New York

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