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Dear List,
My gf's Benzion SCHER's oldest sister who died before I was born was
referred to by members of the family as Bluminessa or Bluminessie. I
assumed that her name was Bluma, but I found her enumerated in the 1910
and 1920 census as Bessie SCHWARTZ.. Her name was given as Bessie on her
death certificate. My gf's younger sister Bessie LEVIN was called Bessie
by everyone including me, and she was enumerated in the census as Bessie
and was named Bessie on her death certificate. Both these "Bessies" were
alive at the same least up until 1930. This is very confusing to
say the least. And what could have been their Yiddish names?
Thanks for any light you can shed on this,
Hennie Greenland
Scottsdale, AZ

Reseaching: >from Siauliai, Lithuania: SCHER, LOPATO, ALSCHWANGER,

from Stryy: MOLDAUER, >from Lviv: GINSBURG

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