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Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

Robert Mandelbaum inquired about this town in which his
ancestors lived.

The town was Elbing, not Elbling, and it was in the northern
section of Westpreussen [the then Prussian province, called West
Prussia in English] and it is some 50 km. ESE of then Danzig, now
Gdansk--all it present-day Poland.

As part of Prussia since about 1780, it had a Jewish population
living among Polish Catholics and German Evanglical Lutherans.
The Yiddish-speaking Jews, formerly part of the Polish
Kingdom, rapidly adopted German language and customs, as did
their brethren throughout the Prussian-annexed Westpreussen and
Posen provinces.

I had relatives named ISRAELSKY >from Zempelburg, living in
Elbing in the 19th century.

Jim Bennett

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