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Victor Brilliant

I have posted at ViewMate (VM783) what I have been told is a Roumanian
document exempting my wife's mgf >from all Roumanian Military Service.
Incidentally, the next document that I have is a magnificent Roumanian
Royal Laisser-Passer, which enabled him to leave the country in 1900.
I have also been given what is represented (by the supplier) as an
English translation of the exemption. Even without a word of Roumanian
I can see that the "translation" refers to some other document, for the
names, dates, and various other details differ completely.

One other conundrum - in every other document that I have relating to this
individual, >from around this time, his original name is given as Bernard
Luwisch, but in this document he is named as Berman Luvis. Why might this
be? I note the name Luwisch lower down the document, perhaps as one of the
examining doctors? Is it possible that the name change is a ploy to
conceal the fact that the doctor who exempted him is related?

ViewMate is at
Direct address of this document is:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can translate this for me.

Victor Brilliant
Hendon, London, England or

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