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I haven't had any luck finding out if my paternal gf. had any brothers
or sisters. My brother and I, and our wives, were at at a wedding
reception for a cousin on my mother's side. The bride's gm. brought a lady
over to meet us who said she was our cousin- on my paternal gf.'s side.
Her gm. was my gf's. sister. and there was one other sister and a
brother. I was taking down family info. >from her just before we left, and
we have been in touch with her a few times since, finding out who was who.
The funny thing is, she lives in Toronto near us, and we didn't know
about her till now. When I got home that night, there was a call >from a
cousin on my father's side, saying that she had been contacted by a
distant cousin in D.C. She asked if she could give him my name, and she
would have him contact me. Before that happened, he replied to my posting
at Ancestry. com, and we have been catching up ever since.
It gets curioser and curioser, and ain't it grand!
Sid Greenberg
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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