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The Public Library of Des Moines does genealogical research for what
I feel is an excessive fee for out-of-state inquiries, however it sends
gratis copies via interlibrary loan of obits gleaned >from its obit index.

All you do is type in the name of the deceased and you'll receive
the name of the Des Moines newspaper, section, page and column # on
which the obit appears. Give this complete information to the
interlibrary loan department of your local library and you can receive an
unlimited number of obits free of charge.

While requests are filled five entries at a time, if your experience
is like mine you'll receive your photocopies in about a week!

Warning: The index does not appear to be complete, as I had several
relatives who died in Des Moines whom I couldn't find. I fond my ggf but
not my ggm who died the following year...

Stacy Harris

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