Re: Seek David DRUCK, publisher died USA circa 1943 #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Dan Redelheim schrieb:
I am looking for information on David DRUCK who passed away in 1943, I
believe in the US. He & his family were in the publishing business &
I believe that he had dealings with my family, Redelheim ( Rodelheim),
with the printing of prayer books & other religious books.
Dear Dan,
I can confirm that there was a famous publishing house and printing
press (in German "Druckerei") for Jewish/Hebrew publications in the
German township of Roedelheim (o with umlaut). This place has been a
suburb of Frankfurt/Main for a long time (also when I lived there
between 1964 to 1970).

The printing house is also referred to on the book list of

under no. 730 where the publication "1200 Jahre Roedelheim 788-1988" is
listed (published 1988).

Perhaps that helps

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany (by tomorrow) <fritz.neubauer@...>

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