Deportations from Germany #germany


I have sent Renee Steinig relevant information to the specific questions she
raised in her recent posting, but I wanted to provide more general
information re deportations >from Germany.

Yes, as far as we know, there were lists for all deportations >from Germany.
Some have been available for years, while others became available more recently.

However, there are still missing deportation lists >from Frankfurt, Hamburg and
Breslau, and perhaps other cities. These were simply lost at some time
in the post-war period.

In some cases, where information became available >from "recipient" camps,
such as Theresienstadt, it became possible to reconstruct information
on dates of arrival. In other cases German Jews deported >from Germany to
places such as Auschwitz and Stutthof were later sent back to German camps
such as Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen.

In such cases, if they perished in these later camps their names should have
appeared in the Gedenkbuch. However, unfortunately, the Bundesarchiv has done
less than a stellar job in recording this information and they remain
listed as "Auschwitz verschollen" or are not listed at all.

In the case of Sachsenhausen neither the Bundesarchiv nor the International
Tracing Service received copies of death and other lists and Sachsenhausen
has not published a memorial book up to now.
An effort is being made to compile these names.

This is a long-winded way of stating that we still have a long way to go to
establish the fate of many German Jews. Efforts continue and researchers
should continue periodically to consult databases such as ITS, Jewishgen and
the USHMM to see if new information has become available.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <pdlande@...>

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