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jeremy frankel

Dear Carlton and Genners,

Anyone with access to a local LDS library ought to be aware that the
Mormons microfilmed the index to naturalizations, covering the period
1835-1924. It exists on one microfilm, #824514. I found several of my
Koenigsbergs on it.

One can then order the files >from the Public Record Office. Be sure
to order not only the certificates, but also the supporting
documentation which offers testimony support, police search, as well
as information submitted by the applicant. The naturalization usually
also included any children living with the applicant under the age of

Good luck

Jeremy Frankel

At 12:00 AM -0500 08/06/01, Carlton Brooks wrote:

In the copy of Avotaynu that I just received, there was an article by a
woman who was tracing her roots in Great Brittan. She mentioned that she
used naturalization information to trace her family.

Can someone tell me how to access the information on naturalization. I had
my great grandmothers family (ALEXANDER) go to GB, my GGM was the only one
to come to the US. I would like to find out where they came >from before GB.

Any help would be appreciated.
Oakland, California
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