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Sharon Roth <mroth@...>

I received my grandfather Jacob FELDER's naturalization papers, which list
his place of birth as "Vucseko, Poland" (Austria-Hungary). He was born in
1884, came to the U.S. around 1902. I have reason to believe he was >from
Galicia (possibly near Lisko). I tried the name Vucseko in Poland on
ShtetlSeeker and came up with numerous variations. I wondered if anyone is
researching a town with a similar name and/or has any ideas as to the
possible real name of this town?

Also, his papers show he entered the U.S. in New York >from Antwerp. I have
been searching the EIDB with many variations on his name. I came up with
one "FALDER" which may be him, in 1902. He lists his residence as
Srednica. His age is listed as 24, which made him 6 years older than the
age >from his birthyear. I think this issue may have already been
discussed, but...was it common for such age discrepancies to appear on
the manifest?

Sharon Felder Roth
researching FELDER/Poland/New York/Cleveland;

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