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We are trying to find any information or resources regarding the family
and descendants of the following "Meinsteins" that landed in the U.S.
through Ellis Island between 1898 and 1920:
Chaje Meinstein
David Meinstein
Davis Meinstein
Isak Meinstein
Jankel Meinstein
Gerson Meinstein
Leib Meinstein
Lipmacin Meinstein
Pesel Meinstein
Tassa Meinstein
Tessie Meinstein

In addition, any information on the following towns/cities would be
appreciated. We have not been able to determine the current names or
locations of these towns (Neither the Stetl finder nor any Geographical
Dictionaries or Atlases have turned up any solid information).

Ropcsyche, Austria/Poland?
Kiser, Russia
Chodochkow, Russia??
Polkawa, Russia
Meszicj, Russia
Piontnize, Russia??


Larry Meinstein

Siggy Meinsteim

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